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Bethany Weimers, Karlsruhe, 09.01.14

Show with Bethany Weimers
Date: 9. Januar 2014
Duration: 70 min
Audience: about 20

I will be there waiting, waiting.

This concert was pure bliss. Also, it was a wish come true and - on closer inspection - a small miracle.

For months and months I had toyed with the idea to have Bethany Weimers play live when, yet another morning her music filled my living room. One can ask, but then - a lot of things have to fall into place to make it happen. Many of them not in my hands.

The joy of that evening was about the music. It was my forth evening (almost in a row) of shows with Bethany. I loved all of them. I was enchanted to see others being spellbound by her songs and myself being introduced to new material. Nevertheless, the evening in my house felt much more intense and focussed than all the concerts before. We had no interval since a young lady needed to catch her train back. Also, the rain and storm outside and infront of the windows to our garden made our little protected space precious and dear. Maybe the atmosphere of feeling a bit at home in our house and of the very attentive guests added to the mix.

On the other hand - letting my mind wander while listening to the now very familiar songs I had a warm and tender feeling in my heart. In this moment of calm and and joy I saw that this week was about music but maybe even more about sharing: Jenny and Karin had shared their living rooms for the first time. Seeing the wonder of friends following the invitation to a musical adventure.

We shared storys and some history of our countries and our families. We shared our houses and flats, our home towns and new homes. We shared so much nice food, so many nice cup of teas - a lot of laughter and smiles. We shared hours of wonderful sunshine. We shared hours on the road and in the tram. We shared a lot of keyboards and pianos, we shared our languages (Drachentöter and Eichhörnchen being on our syllabus for Bethany), we shared time with friends and family. We shared the joy of the music, of being together of meeting at the brink of the new year. 

This ignited more persons wanting to share. What a delight, what a bliss, what a story!


1: Protect
2: Silver Moon

3: Letter
4: 1784

5: William and his ghost
6: Harpsichord row
7: Lucky day
8: Skeletal

9: Ready steady
10: Heart breaker police
11: Me myself and I 


12: The story I breath

13 Desire (Z)
14 Confide in me (Kylie Minogue Cover) (Z)

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Claudia hat gesagt…

Uhh, love this! Sehr, sehr schön gesagt! Auf die Zukunft als Bookingagent, Tourmanager und Gig-Promoter!


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