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David Simard, Karlsruhe, 05.11.14

Konzert: David Simard
Ort: Renates Wohnzimmer in Karlsruhe (Waldstadt)
Datum: 5. November 2014
Dauer: 70 min
Zuschauer: 25

Foto (c) Matthias Jährling
where we’re born and when we die: we can’t control that. 
and life in between is just war and combat. 
there are targets you can shoot for and mines to circumvent,  
but most of life is an accident
      (My name is Mathias from The burning hell)

In leaving David called it a lovely chain of chances. His gloomy Canadian compatriot Mathias Korn which I quoted above sums it up as life's accidents: certain encounters leading to a string of moments, which in passing produced our living room show with Renate and Matthias. Neighbours and friends coming to their place to listen to this young man and his guitar. All our meandering paths luckily connected at this spot. Maybe that is the most delightful as well as incredible aspect of the story - even if during the unfolding of the evening all these decisions were nothing more than a vague background noise.

It is our lives taking shape. The quintessence being for me to ask David as well as Renate. Which both gently agreed to make that concert happen - with open hearts and open minds. Causing on some cosmic level that all persons finding their way to the house on the Northern border of Karlsruhe to bring an open heart and mind. 

From this perfect initial condition an archetypal intimate show evolved. David being a pro he started with his music doing the speaking for him. Enchanting the audience from the very first song Cats Cradle and even more so with Good clean water. The inner voice of many people already joining in the chorus. He finally did some speaking a bit later. Giving some songs an extra layer of meaning in doing so and provoking laughter and words coming back.

The lighthearted My shoes giving way for a melancholic Be mine. Which I loved in its bare and raw beauty. The same feeling comes back with The guitar player, which would be well placed in the soundtrack of a non-polished Western showing the hard choices of people on the brink of civilization. David took a funny turn after that with the little jazzy tune Guilty. He even imitated a trumpet and made me smile from ear to ear. What a little beauty that song was and a playful thing!

Foto (c) Matthias Jährling
For the song Magda we were told a long story and after that everybody listened intendly what story there was in the song. The planned set ended with The knife and Dorreen. The middle part of The knife really pushed me out of breath before dancingly turning to the line I was born a harmony singer - definitely not a band leader.  But this fine young man was obviously at exactly the right place performing in front of an audience! 

Of course, there was no way for David to finish after the intense homesick Dorreen. We clapped and asked him for more and he agreed asking for wishes. Someone chipped in with Good friend. And David smilingly allowed for that - giving the littly funny Coffeesong first. 

After the show David had to answer many interested questions and got quite a few new members for the mailing list. So many happy faces and smiles all around! I am sure his warm voice and gracious demeanor will stay with everybody for a long while. And who knows what consequences there are waiting to happen. Life's accidents behind the horizon of our knowledge now.

Foto (c) Matthias Jährling
01: Cats Cradle
02: Good clean water
03: My Shoes
04: Be Mine
05: Take me in
06: Said too much
07: The guitar player
08: Guilty
09: Magda
10: The Knife
11: Dorreen

12: One coffee, two coffee
13: Good friend

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David Simard, Karlsruhe, 04.11.14

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