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The Fratellis, Paris, 30.01.07

Konzert: The Fratellis
Ort: Elysée Montmatre
Datum: 30.01.2007

On January 30th 2007 the Scottish band the Fratellis came to Paris for a great concert. It was a show at Elysée –Montmatre, and for some strange reason it was not a sold out one. Already 5 in the afternoon a few fans were waiting outside on the steps of the concert hall, at least it was not a cold day, and the direction of the concert hall decided to open the doors quite early, quite some time before a big crowd showed up.

The early opening of the doors made it even earlier to go right up front. There was no need to fight for a good spot. Shirts were sold, they were more expensive than they are on the website, but well I did not know that. The Shirt with the blonde pin-up girl was more expensive than the ticket; it did cost 4,10 Euros more! Well it was worth it!

So maybe I should start writing about the concert. The opening band was Nelson, a French band that sings in English. They had a great bass, which sounded a lot like Joy Division and She Wants Revenge. The only little hiccup was that the drum set was a lot louder than the singer; it was almost impossible to make out what he was singing. But I do have to say that they are really good looking.

In between the opening act and the Fratellis I got to talk to a photographer, I am just mentioning this because I ended up on his website!

Once the Fratellis were on stage everyone started going crazy. Being right in the
middle and in the front I became the main victim of the evening. I missed most of the song “Chelsea Daggers”, which is really too bad seen that it made my top ten list for the year 2006. The reason that I missed so much of that song was that everyone that was being passed forward seemed to be passing right over me. During about half the concert I was leaning over the barrier, I could still feel it in my stomach two days later. The stage performance of the Fratellis was amazing, proof of that is the fact that everyone was definitely going crazy out there. Some people were a bit deceived by the fact that the drummer cut his hair. A special treat for all the girls’ ears was Jon talking in his heavy Scottish accent, it was just great how he said: “We are the Fratellis, and we are from Scotland…”

The concert ended quite early. But there was still no chance of meeting up with the
band after the show, which is understandable seen that they are quite big.

Now that I am writing this report ages after the concert I have a memory with a few holes, I know that’s a bad excuse seen that I am know for remembering every detail of everything. I can’t recall what the set list was, but it was a good one.

If you have the chance to go see the Fratellis live, you should take that opportunity and go see them!

von Solveig

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