Dienstag, 27. Februar 2007

Brand New, Paris, 24.01.07

Konzert: Brand New
Ort: Nouveau Casino, Paris

Datum: 24.01.2007

On the 24th of January the New York Brand New, had their first ever concert in France. It was the first concert of their “The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me” tour, actually their Winter 2007 Tour. Even through they have been around for quite some time, they never came to France before. Here it is important to say that France only got one show where Germany got four, and Italy some more than France, and there were a ton of Dates in the UK. It is best not to talk about the USA, were the number of shows are more combined than for the whole of Europe. This concert took place at the Nouveau Casino, which is a venue for 400 people, and the show was not even sold out.

Well even if this huge band decided to only play in a small venue it was definitely worth it. At the concert there were a few French people, those who kinda accidentally came across Brand New by chance, there were some Americans, mostly students, that were over exited about being able to see Brand New live close up. I came across Brand New because I listened to yrockonxpn.org and the djs had mentioned BN a couple of times. On January 8th Brand New was the flavor of the week, one of the reasons why I went out and purchased a ticket for the concert.

Directly after school I took the bus to the train and took the next RER into Paris. I was at the venue at about 18h30, one hour before the concert was supposed to start. I waited close to the entrance, at one point I started talking to some really nice French people. We were a bit on the wrong side of the door the line was on the other side. I was the 5th person in the room, where did I go? I went straight to the microphone, then I asked the others to keep me a spot and I bought a tour shirt, it’s a really nice one!

There was no opening band, the concert started at about 20h30 and lasted till 22h something. I was really lucky, the singer Jesse was standing right in front of me, I could have reached out to touch him, really! I had my backpack up on the stage I do not think that that is a very common thing to be doing at a rock concert.

At one point Jesse dropped his pick in the middle of a song, I caught it just like that. After the show when they gave out the drumsticks, I got one of them! It is autographed too. I also took home one of the posters that were hanging outside.

I have never been to such a great concert before! I am happy to have a ton of great pictures of the show as well as some great great videos!

Setlist Brand New:

01: Sowing season
02: Guernica
03: Jaws theme
04: Quiet things
05: Luca
06: Spinlight
07: Boy who blocked
08: Sic transit
09: Shower scene
10: Me vs. Maradona
11: No seatbelt
12: Jesus Christ
13: Soco

14: Degausser (Z)
15: You won't know (Z)
16: Tommy Gun (Z)
17: Play crack (Z)

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