Donnerstag, 1. März 2007

Tokyo Police Club, Paris, 16.02.07

Konzert Tokyo Police Club
Ort: La Boule Noire, Paris
Datum: 16.02.2007

On the February 16th the Canadian band Tokyo Police Club had their first ever concert in Paris, at the Boule Noire. Normally when I go to concerts I am never the first person outside, this time I was. I must have been there at 17h. I spend quite some time waiting outside the door, with my CAKE! Ok, yeah you are probably asking yourself WTF is she doing at a rock concert with a damn CAKE? Well I made a CAKE because on the website of TPC I read that Graham, the keyboard player asked everyone to bring a CAKE for his birthday which was on the 16th of February.

When this guy from Jägermeister showed up and went inside I decided that I should
just go inside myself, I was really getting bored waiting all alone outside the door. He talked to the guy that’s responsible for the club about the fact that he has got something for the band. He had received an email from Germany that stated that he should drop off the goody bag for the band, they were not around at that time. I asked at what time I could actually come in, I was told that I would have to wait until 20h!!

I must have waited for another hour, during this hour I went over to the magazine stand and purchased “Les Inrocks” I read every article that interested me, and there
was also a review of TPC, well it only compared them to other bands, but did not really say if they are good or not.

I myself had only heard the song “Citizens of Tomorrow”, because it had been played on yrock, and because I had requested it every day of the week. I had heard bits of “Nature of the Experiment”.

The waiting fairytale ends with me actually being able to give my CAKE to Graham. I
then had a great time with the band. All this great time resulted in me missing the opening band. I have to say that girl had an amazing voice!

I did not have to wait in line, nor did I have to wait during the opening band and TPC’s performance. Even buying my ticket had been a useless action, seen that I got in for free. The concert was just GREAT! I loved it, it’s true I normally do love concerts, but this one was special seen that I knew them a bit more than the other spectators in the room. I came out with me ears not being able to hear correctly for the next two days, but it was definitely worth it.

Believe me it was the CAKE and not the blonde hair and the long legs!

von Solveig

2 Kommentare :

Oliver Peel hat gesagt…

Oh Solveig,

Backst Du mir auch einen Kuchen zum Geburtstag?

Ist am 26. Juli, nur damit Du Dich drauf einstellen kannst ;-)

Anonym hat gesagt…

vielleicht, aber ich glaube es kann sein, dass ich dann in Deutschland bin, aufjedenfall bin ich so um den 20. Juli rum in Jena.


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