Freitag, 16. März 2007

Konzertrückblick: Black Daniel, Paris, 01.03.07

Konzert: Black Daniel
Ort: La Flèche d'Or, Paris
Datum: 01.03.2007

Datum: Seen that after the Kasabian concert I spend quite some time with their opening band Black Daniel, they invited me to come to their extra Paris date at la Flèche d'Or. I was surprised when I got to the Flèche d'Or, Melanie who I had with me like it a lot too. I can't believe that I have never been there before, noting the fact that it's not only a great place to hand out with live music in the background, but that some great bands stop by and decide to give a free show. Once we got there, the band that played before Black Daniel was still up on stage, they were the third band of the night and had just started. After five minutes this guy comes up to me and asked me if I had not been to the Little Barrie concert two days before, well he was right, I had
been there! As it turned out he is the manager for Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and he actually remembered me! Its weird people tend to not forget me that quickly.

Mel and I got the chance to talk to Craig quite a long time (the singer of Black Daniel), we must have talked for about half an hour, I was quite amazed by the fact that he actually remembered my name almost a week after he first met me.

When it was finally their turn to perform Mel and I were already on the brink of leaving. We left after the first song. What we heard of them was amazing! really! They have so much energy. My pictures turned out really bad.

With the leaving early that's another story, I would have not been able to go to the concert if I would have wanted to catch a train to go home, and go home. Mel wanted to go clubbing, so that's what we did we went to my concert and then to the Duplex to go dancing. It's quite a change come from a rock concert and then go dancing on techno, rnb and house!

Check out Black Daniel! They are a great band, and they did tell me to spread the word!

von Solveig

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Oliver Peel hat gesagt…

Du hinterläßt halt überall einen bleibenden Eindruck, Solveig, wie sollten sie Dich auch so schnell vergessen? ;-)


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