Donnerstag, 1. März 2007

Little Barrie, Paris, 27.02.07

Konzert: Little Barrie
Ort: Le Nouveau Casino, Paris
Datum: 27.02.2007

Little Barrie is a band that I definitely know thru the Morgans Hotel CD. I do not know them thru yrock. This show was sold once I decided that I should go there. When I first got the flyer for the concert I started wondering about where I had heard their name before, then I realized from where I knew them. Then I decided that I should maybe go to the show, well at that point it was already sold out.

I wrote them a message and that’s how landed on the guest list again! How do I do it? That’s a question that I started asking myself lately.

I got to the Nouveau Casino a bit after 5pm., actually it’s amazing that I got there at that time seen that I had a sort of odyssey before I got there, it’s a long story and I might tell it another time. Where was I? Oh yes, when I got to the venue the guys from Little Barrie were standing outside the door, I said hi and introduced myself.
They were in the middle of a photo shoot so they could not really talk to me. Before the concert I had a great time, talking about music with a real Little Barrie fan.

The concert was really good. I was not all that happy with the opening band, my
advice to the French bands who actually do know how to make music is please do not sing in English do your singing in French you will probably have more success. But I do not want to be to mean, the lyrics at least what I could make out sounded good, and the music was quite nice as well. I loved what the girl was wearing!

Once it was Little Barrie’s turn to perform it was just great! Even if they did not play the song that I knew before I came, but that really was not a problem. In the beginning they did not seem all that happy with the Parisian public, the people weren’t as motivated as they should have been at a sold out concert! This did change I
guess that everyone must have been just as tired as I was. I still do not know the names of the songs that they played. During the whole concert I was standing right in front of Barrie, this meant that after the show I was almost incapable of hearing.

After the show I got to talk to them again, which is something nice to do because how else can you thank them for a great concert and letting you in for free? It’s too bad that we were all kicked out of the venue quite quickly. I think that I got home around midnight, I did not check my watch.

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