Donnerstag, 1. März 2007

Kasabian, Paris, 23.03.07

Konzert: Kasabian
Ort: Bataclan, Paris
Datum: 23.02.2007

I could start this by writing about the concert. But this time I decided to write about more than just the concert. This is because there is a long story that connects me to Kasabian.

I am not sure when I first heard something by Kasabian, maybe it was when my dad brought home the Morgan’s Hotel CD, or maybe it was when I hear Empire on yrock. I do not know, and to tell you the truth I don’t care that much about that fact. What I know is that it is thanks to yrock that I started listening to Kasabian and liking Kasabian a lot. At the beginning of the Fall (2006) I was listening to yrock and at one moment a Kasabian song came on. So I figured, why not search on if they aren’t coming to Paris anytime soon. To my surprise they were coming to Paris very, very soon, actually they were already there, the concert had started half an hour before I searched for the possibility of there being a concert.

I was really happy about the ypod “Kasabian” with the interview with Sergio. Oh man that guy has such a nice voice!

For Christmas I asked for “Empire”, which I got. Before Christmas I had seen that Kasabian would be coming back to Paris on February 23rd. I knew that this was a show that would probably sell out very fast. But seen the fact that it was before Christmas, I could not spend my money on tickets (you can’t be that selfish)! Right before Christmas I was shopping for presents and then I asked if they were still tickets left, and there were, so I just had to cross my fingers. On the 26th of December there were NO MORE TICKETS LEFT! Nothing left at the moment when I could actually buy a ticket!

The show was supposed to be in the middle of winter vacation how could I miss that?! The night before the concert I was advised by some people to ask the opening band to put me on their guest list. Well… this is where it started to get interesting. I had no clue who the opening band would was!

I got to the venue at 5pm. you might think that that’s early, but I was not the first person there. Five minutes after I got there, Tom came out of the Bataclan. I did not even think, I just went up to him and said: “ Hey, you are from the band right? I have no ticket for your show tonight, and I really, really want to go, so what can I do?” He answered with the word “beg”. So I said: “Please!” He sent me inside. Who did I meet inside? Sergio! (The only rock star I ever had a crush on up to now, and that was due to that ypod). I went up to him and said, “You are Sergio, right?” we shook hands. “You know I was actually just listening to an interview with you on my ipod.” He just said: “Really, how did you hear about that?” well how did I hear about it? Yrock is my favorite radio station ever! “What did I say in the interview?” “You talk about the States being your favorite place to tour!” He looked at me weirdly, “Wow, I was lying, I must have been high!” “No actually you sound normal.” Then he wanted to listen to it! How often do you have the rock star that you adore listen something on your ipod?

The concert was great; yeah I am also talking about the concert! I ended up in the front, well I am always in the front. The opening band was Black Daniel they were so amazing. I had never heard anything by them before, and they were just great. It was so original what they did. As I am writing this I am looking forward to seeing them again in concert. They are just tree and they knew how to make the public be exited for Kasabian.

Once Kasabian was on stage it was a fight for survival. Being in the front at a big concert can hurt a lot. I came out afterwards with my hips being blue and with my ribs hurting really bad, and all that hurting did not go away until 4 or 5 days after the concert, oh and yeah I can still feel where a foot hit me on the back of my head cause that part is still a little swollen. The first song was “Shoot the Runner”. Tom is a great stage performer! He gets everyone going crazy for him! At one point he put out his hands to touch the people I kind of got both of them and he squeezed them, the others around me weren’t in the same position that I was in. It’s true that I shook his hand at the moment when I landed on the guest list and all, but during the show it’s just a lot more exiting.

After the Encore was all played no one wanted to leave, we just kept on singing the refrain of the last song, but that did not bring them back either.

Then finally the crowd started getting thinner. I got myself a shirt. It’s a really nice one! When I bought it the guys from Black Daniel were standing right next to me. I started talking to them and I went backstage with them. Again I got to talk to someone representing of a record label. It’s become something common for me by now. They were so nice and I did not leave to catch my train for quite a while.

von Solveig


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