Freitag, 2. Mai 2014

Zoë Boekbinder, Stuttgart, 29.04.14

Konzert bei Claudia mit Zoë Boekbinder
Ort: Stuttgart-Feuerbach
Datum: 29. April 2014
Dauer: 70 min
Zuschauer: etwa 40

Remember your name.
Do not lose hope — what you seek will be found.
Trust ghosts. Trust those that you have helped
to help you in their turn.
Trust dreams.
Trust your heart, and trust your story.   

           from: Neil Gaiman Instructions

I was on a marathon. I had been at six shows in seven days, most of them not in my hometown, thus, all nights cut short or very short by travel. The last ones in Karlsruhe being flavoured by having host responsabilities. And I have a day job where I have to be precise... Concurrently, I was in a bliss, since each day and each show anew had brought something special and dear to my heart and - moreover - I had the privilege to share all nights with friends and family (which I very rarely can). One or two evenings had the potential to end up in my top ten list 2014. Really a very special week that had been!

But, of course, to add the evening in Stuttgart to that row of concerts was a gamble. The chances, that this would be the evening where adrenalin finally would let me down and exhaustion take over and finish me, were high and not to be ignored too easily. But - for a long time - this would be the last evening with Zoë Boekbinder and her fellow travelling musicians which had already performed their magic to me during two wonderful evenings and started to seem like friends. And - it was a show in my second favorite place...

So, after having survived my duties at work in an ok way, the decision was, to give it a try (and to definitely take the earlier train home - no matter what). Fortunately for me, I must say today: Since this third concert was really my very best experience with our guests from the US. After our house show in Karlsruhe I was in doubt if better existed. But, the evening in Stuttgart proved - it did.

It is not clear to me, what made the difference, but of course, the audience in Claudia's house was really very welcoming and attentive and lively as well. I felt really good and relaxed (probably also since I was a guest and no host). And the three ladies on the stage were really in a good mood and seemed relaxed and sunshiny as well (though Zoës computer had officially been declared dead that day at our Karlsruhe Gravis shop).

We started with the last full light of the day and the show was accompanied by the downgoing sun pulling in from the two open sides of the room.  That gave an interesting atmosphere as well. Taylor proved her songwriting skills in the middle of the set and Zoë used the available piano for a song. There was a lot of talk - even banter - with the audience and laughter and really excited clapping. Everybody was so into the show - we were all bubbling with the happiness of the moment. I forgot to take note of the setlist, but a lot of the songs of the Karlsruhe shows were on the program again (minus my beloved no-need-machine-song).

And, again, and according to my feeling that evening for many in the audience - the collaborations with prisoners caught everybody most and hardest. Though - after some days went by since we had to say good bye - several of Zoës songs keep popping into my head and I find myself humming along to her tunes catching myself unaware and smiling about it. 

Her music stayed with me and will stay. And what better there is to say about any concert, show or music?

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