Sonntag, 26. Oktober 2014

Kirsty McGee, Karlsruhe, 19.10.14

Konzert mit Kirsty McGee
Datum:  19. Oktober 2014
Dauer: 90 min
Zuschauer: 20

So you pray to god ... but you row for the shore 

Drawers are a beneficial invention. They help me to separate my socks from my panties and keep them away from the socks of my family. And if I carefully order everything to its right drawer I will find what I am looking for even when I am in a rush or sleepy. And sometimes I will think of them as benedictory for that.

But not everything is made for drawers. There are a few beloved little gems, which only shine when I put them on top of my dresser. Also, in that way I can see them everytime I enter the room - or looking up from writing - or while ordering my socks into the drawers underneath...

Kirsty McGee's music for sure belongs to the gem-category. It is not fit for drawers and too lovely for boxing away. It is too delicate and unique for giving it tags and labels. Depending on the light focussed into the songs the music shines in all colours of the rainbow and some more. 

During the Sunday evening show it showerd us with feelings of sadness and joy, of gratitude and anger. Taking us to the top of a tall tree (where, indeed, Kirsty slept for a while) and sending us to sleep as a soothing sandman in the end.

Her label and her musical collective are called Hobopop. I guess there is some truth in that name without it becoming a box. Since her songs are nourished by the miles and years of travelling and by her experiences on the road the name Hobo seems to take a lot of that into its four letters while the music stays with me just like the original meaning of Pop would have it.

The comrade for the short tour through Germany and the Netherlands was Alan Cook with his Pedal Steel Guitar and the Mandolin. Both from the northerly town of Manchester they seemed to have a deep musical understanding while also enjoying themselves sharing stories and funny lines. 

At the end of the show all of us were slightly stunned because of the unexpected beauty we were privileged to have shared with a traveling fairy using just her earthly voice and her soulful guitar.

01: Pray
02: Salt
03: Love's great lie
04: Equins
05: I burn for you
06: Setting of the sun
07: Electricity
08: Those old Demons
09: Kingdom
10: Omaha
11: Running with the Blues
12: Family trait
13: A plague
14: Pony
15: Survival

16: Sweet talk (Z)
17: Sandman (Z) 

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